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How to preserve

The Italian law states clearly that the truffles must be done with the help of a trained dog, and that the excavation, carried out with special tool (spade), must be limited to the point where the dog has begun.

In these requirements are the first and fundamental rules for the protection of the nose, which is a renewable resource, but linked to a forest ecosystem complex and vulnerable.


The nose is quite perishable fruit, which also owes his fame to the more ephemeral quality of food: the aroma.

Black is preserved up to 15 to 20 days.
White should be consumed within 10-15 days.

In order to better savor the aroma, truffles should be consumed as much 'as possible.

But there are some things that maintain the aroma and texture even after many days:

- Wrap each truffle, without removing the earth, in cloth or paper towels and sealed in glass jars. Replace the towels every day

- Store in refrigerator allowing "breathing", but it is important to know that dairy products, eggs and meat are stored in your vicinity, they absorb the flavor.

- When the nose hints at becoming "rubbery" feel, it should be drunk immediately, as it reached the highest degree of ripeness.

We strongly advise against storage in inert substances such as rice, flour and quat'altro, it has the merit of these substances to impregnate with the scent of truffles, but you do not have proper storage,

This malpractice, does nothing but accelerate the disitratazione truffles, and therefore a shorter product.

Freezing (method used by many caterers), prolongs the shelf life of several months.

Storing in a freezer bag for food already clean, to 'occurrence is grated frozen if not eaten the whole can be put back to reuse it whenever you want.

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